Brussels Label Expo 2019

Brussels Label Expo 2019


From September 24 to 27, 2019, Nan Pao label team participated in Brussels Label Expo 2019 for four days. The exhibition is held twice a years. It is internationally recognized as the largest and most professional label exhibition and enjoys the reputation of " Olympics Game of Label and Printing Industry ".More than 600 exhibitors and 100 professional audiences who from different countries participate in the exhibition each year. 



This is the first time that Nan Pao company participated in the international level label Exhibition .We showed more than 20 products including existing "star products" and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives of future. Our team met with more than 100 customers from different countries and fully promoted Nan Pao brand and hot melt PSA products. We also deeply communicated with at least 20 potential customers. In particular, the clients praised the diversification of our Nan Pao products, superior performance of our products and our commitment to sustainable development.


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