Nan Pao Resins (4766) went public in Taiwan

Nan Pao Resins (4766) went public in Taiwan


The shares of Nan Pao Resins (4766) are on Taiwanese stock exchanges on Nov. 28th opened at NT$76.8.


Nan Pao is proud to have introduced electric parts, health supplements, and adhesives in hygienic and medical industries into its portfolio of products as well as new innovative products. Its innovative products include carbon fibers, water-based nano resins, optical clear adhesives, insulating glass, hot-melt film, and automation process solutions. Nan Pao’s vision is to focus on specialty chemicals, materials, and biotechnology research.


Facing the rising cost of raw materials in the first half dragged the gross profit ratio, however we are having an increasing gross profit ever since the beginning of the second half.


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