Green Performance and Certifications



From a safety and eco-friendly perspective, we strive to research and develop green products that are hazard-free to human beings and the environment through technical innovations.


  • As of December 31, 2018, Nan Pao has received four "Green Building Material" certifications in Taiwan for the following four coating products: Water-based 815 Cement Paint, Water-based 815 Interior Emulsion Paint, Green Building Materials Solventless Epoxy Floor Primer (918AMB2G), and Green Building Materials Solventless Epoxy Floor Topcoat (918ABTG). In the future, we will increase the ratio of revenue from green products step-by-step through marketing strategies and R&D, making Nan Pao a truly green enterprise. 


  • In 2018, our Environmental-friendly Water-based Neoprene Glue 105G was the first in the world to receive Singapore Green Label.


  • In 2017, Nan Pao participated in the "Manufacturing Product Environmental Footprint and Resource Sustainability Promotion Project" conducted by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, with the Water-based PU Dispersions, and won the award as a model manufacturer of product environmental footprint.


  • In 2017, Nan Pao participated in the establishment of the Database of Product Carbon Footprint Emission Coefficients coordinated by the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, and received an award for the participation.
  • In 2017, Nan Pao's first green factory site, the Vietnam Production Center, is in compliance with rigorous standards for energy, photovoltaic, water sources, and material consumption, and in accordance with sustainability policies, which helps the Company successfully receive LEED-Gold Certificate from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and attests Nan Pao's efforts to maintain sustainable management and environmental protection.



  • In 2016, we completed ISO14064 verification for 188 Construction Glue and 3761 PVA Glue and are in compliance with the Carbon Footprint Calculation Guide for Products and Services.The life cycle of Nan Pao's products, including designing, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and product uses, is guided by the 3R's, which are Reduce (reducing energy and resource consumption), Reuse, and Recycle.  In the future, Nan Pao will continue to allocate resources to reduce the environmental impact of the product life cycle to meet or even surpass the standards stipulated by laws.


  • In 2014, our hot melt adhesive production facility in Taiwan received the qualifying certification from the National Clean Production Evaluation System and the Green Factory Label, which further solidifies the Company's determination to promote environmentally-friendly products.



  • In 2013, our Water-based NP-3761G was given the "Product Footprint Certification Seal" by the Environmental Protection Agency, which indicates the emission volume of CO2 from procurement of raw material, manufacturing, assembling, logistics, and all the way to product consumption and waste processing or recycling. We wish to convey the Company's commitment to protect our planet to the consumers by obtaining factual statistics through such rigorous carbon footprint inventory procedures.



  • In 2012, carbon footprint inventory was introduced to inspect the carbon emissions during the operation activities throughout each product cycle, including the raw material stage, the material transportation stage, and the production stage. This helps us to calculate the carbon footprint of our products and to receive SGS carbon footprint inventory assurance for Reasonable Assurance Certification.


  • The Water-based PU Footwear Adhesive (NP-99) has also received SGS "Carbon Footprint Inventory Statement," which makes Nan Pao the only company in Taiwan and throughout the world to receive this product-related accolade.


  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory was introduced in 2009 to understand the Company's GHG emissions through the inventory process and results, and to reduce GHG emissions in the future.The Company is committed to fulfilling our responsibility as a corporate citizen to mitigate global warming.