Environmental Performance and Key Statistics


  • Environmental Sustainability


NANPAO's major products include adhesives, resins, and coatings, etc. To reduce impacts to the environment from the processes of producing chemical substances, the Company is continuously enhancing green product research and development as well as production technologies. We continue to reduce the use of organic solvents and chemical substances that are hazardous to the environment, and all products are in compliance with customers' requirements as our primary bases and improvement targets. NANPAO tems.




  • Statistics of Energy and Resource Usage and Emissions for 2019




  • Product cycle


Considering the environmental impacts in the product life cycle, including developing products with customers, raw materials manufacturing and delivering, product manufacturing and testing processes. NANPAO dedicates on chemistry management, pollution prevention, resource consumption reduction, moreover we asked our supplier also protect our environment and reduce the environment footprint from chemicals.

Climate change bringing environmental threats so that more and more customers pay attention on sustainable issues, NANPAO examine greenhouse gas every year and estimate product life cycle to analysis the environmental impacts, therefore we can see more chances to cut down the emission and drop more green products that meets the environmental requirements from customers so that to increase industrial competitiveness.  








  • Environment Impact AssesementNANPAO adapts LCA(life cycle assessment) to analysis water-based PU dispersions(including packages) and certificates with ISO 14067 verification statement






  • Environment Impact Management-Raw Materials