Employee Care

  • Employee Welfare System:

The Employee Welfare Committee has been established at NANPAO. All employee welfare expenditures in Taiwan have been allocated in accordance with legal regulations. A total of 0.5% of salaries, 0.05% of revenues, and 20% from selling scrap have been allocated and used for organizing various welfare activities for both local and foreign employees. Expenditures from each branch of the Employee Welfare Committee are autonomously decided by the committee members and employees. These expenses include regularly organizing employee travel, Labor Day lucky draws, club activities, health checkups, scholarships, various bonuses and holiday gifts/bonuses, and employee group insurance.

To build employee cohesion and foster healthy recreational activities after-work, the Company highly encourages employees to participate inafter-work activities. For instance, the founding of the badminton club and golf club helps employees enhance their physical well-being and connect with coworkers through weekly training. Employees are able to foster positive ties with coworkers, which further help them establish better teamwork at work.


  • The following is a list of NANPAO’s employee benefits:

1) meal allowance; 2) provision of uniforms and work shoes; 3) wedding allowance; 4) funeral allowance; 5) the year-end party; 6) in-hospitalization allowance; 7) a golf membership discount for employees; 8) a discount for Biorichproducts; 9) labor and health insurance; 10) employee regular health checkups; 11) the retirement pension system; 12) group insurance for overseas Taiwanese staff; 13) awards for model employees; 14) employee mutual assistance funds.


  • The Employee Welfare Committee:

1) employee travel; 2) employee lucky draws; 3) in-hospitalization allowance; 4) wedding allowance; 5) funeral allowance; 6) birthday gifts; 7) employee group insurance; 8) gifts or cash bonuses for the three traditional holidays

1) childbirth allowance; 2) birthday cakes; 3) in-hospitalization allowance; 4) wedding allowance; 5) funeral allowance


  • Human Rights Protection:

Founded on the four core values of “leadership, integrity, teamwork, and efficiency,” all actions related to human rights at Nan Pao are in compliance with international standards. The Company is dedicated to ensuring workplace safety, respecting employees, and abiding by moral obligations.




Providing a safe and healthy workplace environment

  • Setting “zero occupational hazards, zero accidents” as the management objective
  • Promoting hardware and facility standards and safety and health operating procedures
  • Promoting continuous improvement projects

Prohibiting illegal discrimination to ensure equal work opportunities

  • Abiding by labor laws from each local government, international standards, and NANPAO Human Rights Policy and implementing relevant internal rules
  • Promoting and implementing internal control procedures
  • Undertaking necessary adjustments based on findings from internal control audits

Banning child labor

  • “NANPAO Recruitment Operating Procedures” stipulates that the Company will only allow job-seekers over the age of 18. We verify the identities of those being recruited to ensure that no defect is found.

Prohibiting forced labor

  • Strictly abiding by labor laws from each local government, international standards, and NANPAO Human Rights Policy, the Company does not force or threaten any unwilling person to undertake labor practices.

Facilitating employees to uphold physical and mental well-being and balanced work and life

  • Preventing potential health risks by undertaking tiered follow-up management of specific groups based on data analysis of health checkup results and work-related factors
  • With an employee-orientation, we promote health promotional activities and employee assistance programs to encourage employees’ voluntary participation and managing a healthy lifestyle.
  • Organizing diverse activities, including sports, family events, and family interactions; cultivating interpersonal relations between employees throughactivity participation, and putting the concept of enriched and balanced work and life into practice.