Labor and Employee Relations


  • Talent Recruitment

Employees are NANPAO’s most important asset.

An outstanding human resource is one of the most important factors in becoming a successful business, and a company fulfills its strategic goals through its teams and executive competencies. NANPAO provides quality work, and our employment principles are recruiting talent and placing the right persons in the right positions. Employees can realize their full potential under our reasonable and fair HR policies and healthy internal structure. We treat all job-seekers with different races, genders, ages, religions, nationalities, and political standpoints equally, and our recruitment selection processes are open and fair.



  • Employee-employer Communication

NANPAO established various bi-lateral channels of communication for employees. To ensure smooth communications between employers and employees, we regularly organize employee-employer meetings, bi-weekly meetings, departmental management meetings, seminars, and toolbox meetings. Various employee grievanceresolutionprocedures, including the opinion mailbox and Chairman’s Mailbox, have also been set up. If a breach of regulations or illegal incidents have been found, grievances and whistle-blowing can be reported through relevant channels to the Company. During the regular employee-employer meetings, the management and employer and employee representatives will all attempt to understand and discuss matters of concern to the employees as well as propose effective and feasible solutions. In addition, pursuant to the law, we also grant employees the right to freedom of association. The Company does not hinder or interfere with the employees’ right to freedom of association.


NANPAO’s Channels of Communication with Employees:





Head of HR Mailbox

All employees

Whistle-blowing of frauds and sexual harassment grievances

Any time

CEO’s Hotline

Employees and investors

The Company’s operating problems

Any time

Web-based customer service mailbox

Employees and external parties

Any issue

Any time

Weekly meeting

All employees

Divisional managers and above, including senior managers, will report the Company’s operating policies and management performance to the employees.

Once every two weeks

Employee union seminar

Members of the employee union

Communicating and discussing employees’ benefits and employee-employer issues with members of the employee union

Once every year

Toolbox meeting

Production departments

Any work-related issue can be raised and will be answered by managers and the accountable personnel.

Once every week

Employee Welfare Conference

Members of the Employee Welfare Committee

Explaining employee welfare activities and funding status to each member of the Employee Welfare Committee elected from each production site

Once every quarter