Sustainable Development Policy and the Execution Committee


  • Sustainable Development Strategy:

In terms of corporate governance at Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd., the Board of Directors is responsible for supervising the economy, the environment, and the society. Moreover, the executive general manager of each business unit is also responsible for communication with stakeholders related to sales and production. The general manager of each subsidiary is responsible for strengthening internal control and emergency response, and to regularly convene meetings to review relevant actions. Nan Pao has placed the Company's sustainable development as the core vision, strived to integrate business sustainability with our core businesses, and continued to make necessary adjustments in terms of corporate values, culture, development blueprints, and strategies.


  • Sustainable Development Organization:

Members of Nan Pao's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) task forces are employees from each department. Four task forces including "Corporate Governance and Business Performance," "Environmental Protection," "Green Products," and "Employee and Social Welfare" have been formed based on professional divisions and needs of relevant indicators. In reference to the materiality analysis identification procedures, we have identified the material topics of concern to stakeholders through interviews with senior managers and stakeholder questionnaires. The CSR task forces are platforms for identifying stakeholders and material topics. After discussions of each task force, Nan Pao's stakeholders and material topics are respectively identified through consensual agreement and questionnaires.



Organization and Responsibilities of the CSR Task Forces 

Task Forces

Explanation of Responsibilities

Corporate Governance and Business Performance Task Force

Implementing and carrying out sustainable development strategies

Managing procurement procedures and supply chains as well as communication with the stakeholders

Market and customer analysis and surveys

Environmental Protection Task Force

Managing energy and climate change issues

Handling labor safety and health issues, pollution site remediation projects, and participation in environmental and social activities

Green Products Task Force

Controlling product quality, innovative research and development, and development of green products

Employee and Social Welfare Task Force

Promoting community service and social welfare activities, labor rights, and code of ethics

Legal compliance and information disclosure

Social Participation