Stakeholder Identification and Engagement

Stakeholder Identification:


Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd. (Nan Pao) has designated the CSR Committee and its affiliated task forces as the platforms for identifying stakeholders and material topics. After discussions of each task force, Nan Pao's stakeholders and sustainability topics are respectively identified through consensual agreement and through distributing questionnaires to the stakeholders. This Report has identified the sustainable development topics of concern to the stakeholders through the following manners and in accordance with GRI Standard


The Company's CSR work groups have identified the following entities as our stakeholders in sustainable development: employees, suppliers, local communities, investors, NGOs and NPOs, competent authorities, and customers. The stakeholders have been identified in accordance with the Company's sustainable characteristics, industry practices, and work experiences, and in reference to the five principles of AA1000 Stakeholder Engagements Standard (AA1000 SES): dependency, responsibility, tension, influence, and diverse perspective.





Stakeholder Engagement:


Nan Pao has created channels and platforms to communicate with each stakeholder, and has been receiving feedback through daily communication. Moreover, the CSR task forces have also compiled the sustainability topics of concern to each stakeholder.



Topics of Concern to Stakeholders

Methods of Communication and Response


respecting human rights,

equal treatment,

and employee health promotions

grievance mailboxes, employee health seminars,

the Employee Welfare Committee, labor union, bi-weekly meetings,

and regular employee health checkups


supplier management and fair procurement

quality negotiation meetings and onsite visits from time to time

Members of the Communities


respecting local culture and participation in regional social activities

sponsorship and other community caring activities,

arts promotions, and participation in community activities

Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

social contributions

environmental protection

community caring and participation in activities

and disclosure of environmental data on the official website


information disclosure transparency

regular meetings, audit meetings, sales meetings, and regular shareholders' meetings

competent authorities

legal compliance, paying taxes, and legal promotions

formal written correspondence and onsite visits from time to time


providing quality products and good services and increasing customer satisfaction

customer satisfaction surveys and the customer service mailbox


For the sustainability topics of concern to the aforementioned stakeholders, Nan Pao has designed a questionnaire to research stakeholders' levels of concern in regards to environmental, product, and social aspects. The CSR task forces distribute the questionnaires to stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, members of communities, NGOs and NPOs, investors, competent authorities, and customers. To prioritize the topics, the questionnaires are analyzed to identify the levels of concern and their respective materiality.