Visions and Goals of Sustainability


Commitment to Sustainable Development:


Besides creating economic value and pursuing business growth, NANPAO is even more committed to achieving sustainable development, and to continuously bringing positive influence to the society. The Company discloses relevant information to stakeholders under the principle of transparency, demonstrating NANPAO's determination for ethical management. Upholding the philosophy of "legal compliance, pollution prevention, energy-saving and waste reduction, full participation, and continuous improvement," NANPAO defines "customers, shareholders, employees, the environment, and the society" as stakeholders, and collectively pursues economic, social, and environmental synergistic, sustainable development.


NANPAO strives to become crucial partners for every industry through innovative and environmentally-friendly products, and to assist customers to respond

to the challenge of sustainable development.


1.   Striving to provide customers eco-friendly products, services, and solutions with high added-values

2.   Developing special chemical substances and materials without harming the environment

3.   Creating sustainable management philosophy of achieving synergistic growth with the society

4.   Fulfilling corporate social responsibility

5.   Protecting human rights and labor conditions